SYC - Sword In The Snow 2013-Durham, NH

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Y12 Men's Foil: 68 Comp., a C2 Event

1 Olivares, Marcello MFC D2012 C2013
2 Cheng, Julian MOE FC D2011 D2013
3 Zheng, Andrew FAW D2012 D2013
3 Maffei, Gianluca MOE WEN U D2013

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Masters FC End of the Year 2012
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We take the opportunity to say thank you to all the fencers that competed and made the event a successful tournament.

We wish everybody a Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2013... with a lot of fencing!


War of the Roses Nov. 2012- Clearwater, FL

Isaac Gold Medal Y10-Click here

Final results will be posted soon

Marcello & Lucas Gold and Silver in Y14-Click Here

Marcello & Lucas Gold and Silver in Y12-Click Here

Autumm in Miami 2012

Isaac First Place in Y10

Lucas Silver & Marcello Gold

Y10 Men's Foil, 19 fencers
Isaac wom his firts Gold Medal

Y12/14 Mixed Foil, 24 fencers
Marcello and Lucas
won Gold and Silver.

Women's Foil, 9 fencers
Julia won bronze

Div III Mixed Foil, 31 fencers, rated
Julia finished 3rd

Julia Third Place in Women's foil


Badawi Challenge SYC & Cadet International Foil
Plano, TX Set 1, 2012

Marcello First Place in Y12


Tyler & Ashley with US Olympic Gold Mariel Zagunis-London 2012
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2012 USFA National Championship
Y10-Anaheim, CA

Y10 Men's Foil: 122 Competitors
1-Levy, Jasper, FTFC
2-Olivares, Marcello, Masters FC

3T-Lee, Benjamin, MTFC
3T-Park, Brian

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Masters FC Fencers 2012

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NAC Virginia Beach Y10 - April 2012

1 Woods, Jack New Jersey FC
2 Holmes, Leo Salle Mauro
3T Olivares, Marcello Masters FC
3T Levy, Jasper Long Island

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Allez 2012

From Left Marcello and Isaac
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Mixed Foil: 27 Competitors, A2 Event
3 Contramaestre, Ari Masters FC B2012

Y10 Mixed Foil: 8 Competitors,
1 Olivares, Marcello Masters FC E2011
2 Ariza, Isaac Masters FC U

Y14 Mixed Foil: 20 Competitors,
3 Olivares, Marcello Masters FC E2011
5 Herman, Justin Masters FC D2011
6 Fernandez, Lucas Masters FC E2011
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Junior Olympic Qualifiers 2011

Final results has not been posted yet by the Division.

Ashley and Julia won 1st and 2nd place; Tyler 1st. both in Junior.

Justin finished 2nd and Marcello and Mario 3rd in Cadet.

Our fencers at the NAC in Texas, November 12th 2011

Ashley vs Bi Cadet. 5-3 for Ashley

Master Hurricane October 23rd 2011

Marcello, Gabriel, Lucas and Carla
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Y14 Mixed Foil:
1 Olivares, Marcello MsFC E11
2 Mejia-Ruiz, Gabriel HollySab E1
3 Herman, Justin MsFC D11
3 Fernandez, Lucas MsFC E11

Justin, Tyler, Ari, Toni, Pamela
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Open Mixed Foil:
1 Contramaestre, Ari MsFC C11
2 Granada, Tyler MsFC E11
3 Herman, Justin MsFC D11
3 Spassova, Toni HollySa C11

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Sunshine State Games 2011
13 top 8th finalist, 10 Medals! Masters Fencing Club won
the Team Fencing Trophy once more!

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State and Local Competitions>> |
International, National & Out-of-State Competitions>>

International, National and Out-of-State Competitions

Team USA Sweeps Y10 Foil Podiums at Pan Am
Youth Championships>>

In the boys’ foil competition, members of Team USA were ranked as the top five athletes at the conclusion of the pool rounds where Marcello Olivares (Masters Fencing Club) (Cooper City, Fla.), Lawrence Tan (Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.), Jack Woods (Maplewood, N.J.) and Tyler Jacobs (Ballwin, Mo.) all emerged from the pools with undefeated records.

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North American Cup E - Oregon Convention Center>>
Congratulations to Marcello Olivares, Lucas Fernandez,
and Justin Herman who compited at the NAC E.
Marcello Olivares won gold on Y10 MF competition!

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2011 USACFC National Championships
The University of Chicago: Chicago, IL>>
Congratulations to MFC/UM members Nicolas Ortelli and Kenneth Fernandez Prada who compited at the Collegiate Fencing Club

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Arnold Fencing Classic 2011 - Columbus, Ohio>>
Congratulations to Marcello Olivares and Justin Herman who compited on the Arnold Fencing Classic 2011.
Marcello Olivares won gold on Y10 Mixed Foil, the Y10M RYC Foil and the Y12M RYC Foil competitions!
Justin Herman won silver on the Y12M RYC Foil Competition!

MFC coaches were awarded the Coach Award for this tournament!

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SYC - Sword In the Snow, Durham, NH>>
Congratulations to Justin Herman, who compited and won a bronce medal
on Y12 category
. He also got 10th place on category Y14

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Junior Olympics 2011

Ashley Granada finished top 32 in Cadet Women's Foil at the Junior Olympics. This is an exceptional result as Ashley still have more years to participate, many of the fencers have much more experience than Ashley, the tournament was very strong (A3, with many participants who are ranked internationally) and it had 162 participants. Now Ashley will be ranked in the National Cadet Ranking among the top 60 Women's foilist in the country, which is another national record for our club. Congratulations to Ashley on her strong performance!

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State and Local Competitions

It's Just a Fleche Wound - Orlando, FL>>
Congratulations to MFC Members who finished on the top 8th places!

Y12 Mixed Foil

1. Marcello Olivares
2. Tyler Granada

D & under Mixed Foil
5. Grant Myers
Senior Mixed Foil
8. Ari Contramaestre
Senior Women's Foil
2. Ashley Granada

David Berriman Memorial 2011 - Miami, FL>>
Congratulations to MFC Members who finished on the top 8th places!

Y8-Y10 Mixed Foil

1. Lucas Fernandez
Ranking Earned: E2011

Y12 Mixed Foil

1. Mario Lopez
2. Lucas Fernandez

Cadet (Y16) Mixed Foil
1. Amy Ravelo
2. Michael Harrington-Peña
5. Megan Miller
Senior Mixed Foil
1. Nicolas Ortelli
2. Julia Telischi

SF RYC Foil / Epee + D & Under Foil Hollywood, FL>>
Congratulations to MFC member Truman Chamberlin!

Y10 Mixed Foil

3. Truman Chamberlin

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Florida RYC #3 - Gainsville, Florida>>
Congratulations to Mario Lopez and Truman Chamberlin,
who compited at the RYC #3!
Mario Lopez won silver on Y12MF!

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April Fools Day - Gainsville, Florida>>
Congratulations to Lorenzo Gonzalez and Ari Contramaestre,
who compited on the Mixed Foil Category!
Lorenzo Gonzalez won gold and Ari Contramaestre won a bronze medal!

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Gold Coast Division - Summer National Qualifier
UM, Coral Gables, Florida>>
Congratulations to the MFC members who qualified
for Summer Nationals!

Y14 Women's YOUTH-14 Foil
1. Megan Miller
Y14 Men's YOUTH-14 Foil
1. Lorenzo Gonzalez
3. Marcello Olivares
3. Mario Lopez
Kenneth Fernandez Prada,
Lorenzo Gonzales & Ari Contramaestre
C & Under Senior Men's
1. Lorenzo Gonzalez
2. Ari Contramaestre
4. Kenneth Fernandez Prada
D & Under Senior Men's
3. Tom Bushak

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We will start the 2012-2013 season on August, Tuesday 14th at 6 p.m.


Best Fencing Club in Florida
three consecutive years!
(2010, 2011, 2012)!

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MFC coaches won a United States Fencing
Coaches Association Gold Medal!

United States Fencing Coaches Association Gold Medal

Awarded to the coaches with the best overall
results on a competition.

Masters Fencing Club invites you to engage your mind and body. Discover the thrill of dueling, master age-old techniques and push yourself beyond your expectations. Learn and refine fencing techniques with the guidance of our highly skilled coaches.

Regular Schedule

Beginners: Fridays at 6:30 p.m.
Saturdays at 11:30 a.m

Advanced Students:

Also Tuedays
at 6:30 p.m.

MFC is registered, recognized and insured
by the USFA. MFC is a Non-for-Profit Organization

MFC Members - College News
Congratulations to Masters Fencing Club members,
Erin Alexander, Steven Wenguer, and Mariana Morell
who have been accepted to college!

Alexander, Erin - 2011
Miami, FL; Dr. Michael M Krop High School,
Erin has been accepted to Yale University, Princeton University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology among others.
Erin will attend Yale University on Fall 2011.

Wenguer, Steven - 2011
Miami, FL; Pinecrest Preparatory School
Steven has been accepted to Duke University, NYU Stern School of Business, University of North Carolina, and Brandeis University among others.
Steven will attend Duke University where he will be a member of the Fencing Team.

Morell, Mariana - 2011
Coral Spring, FL; St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Mariana has been accepted to Loyola University, St, Louis University (Madrid Campus) among others

More information >>

2010 US Fencing All Academic Teams
Congratulations to Masters Fencing Club members,
Erin Alexander and Steven Wenguer, who
made the 2010 US Fencing All Academic Teams!

Telischi, Julia - 2012
Coral Gables, FL; Ransom Everglades,
Firts Team.

Alexander, Erin;
Miami, FL; Dr. Michael M Krop High
Firtst Team 2011

Wenguer, Steven
Miami, FL; Pinecrest Preparatory School
Honorable Mention 2011

Current National Points:
MFC's members ranking>>
MFC on the News:
See published articles,
pictures, and more about our club.>>
MFC's members
(and future members)
compite in national and
international tournaments>>
SN-2010 2010 Results:
Summer National
Championships 2010>>

Coach Rafael Suarez finished 3rd on the World Cup Margarita 2010, Venezuela>>

Coach Rafael Suarez has been selected for the USFA Athlete Council and the Collegiate/Scholastic Task Force Committee>>

Coach Rafael Suarez made the USFA Roll of Honor>>

Coach Manuel Hiraldo finished
8th on VF the Summer National Championships 2010>

Sunshine State Games

16 top eight finalists, 10 medals!!

The two-day Fencing competition at The Lakeland Center featured a record number of participants with 227 fencers competing in 17 events. The Fencing Team Trophy was awarded the Masters Fencing Club from Miami for the school/club with the most top eight finishes. The Masters Fencing Club accumulated the most points with 16 top eight finishes. Winning gold medals were Coach Rafael Suarez (Men’s Foil), Erin Alexander (Women’s Foil) and Lorenzo Gonzalez (Youth 12 Men’s Foil).

See pictures of our club members at Sunshine State Games >>

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